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Fast Flexible Capacity

"Our proactive operations team are committed to on time delivery in full, to your required quality standards. We have an excellent reputation, built on delivering on our promises by providing our customers with reliable, fast and flexible capacity!"

Andrea Power - Head Of Operations


Raw Material Stock Onsite


  • 250+ Tonnes Raw Material Stocks

  • Commodity Plastics & Elastomers

  • Engineering Grade Polymers

  • Recycled Plastics

  • Ocean Reclaim


Flexible 24/7 Capacity


  • 24/7 Manufacturing

  • 40 Injections Moulding Presses

  • Presses Ranging 35T to 1500T

  • Assembly, Printing & Packing

  • Fast Changeovers

  • 24/7 In House Plant Maintenance

  • 2K - Rotary Over Moulding


Make to Order  Ship From Stock


  • 24/7 Warehouse Operations

  • JIT Deliveries

  • Delivery Direct to End User

  • Export Compliance & Logistics

  • Next Day Delivery

  • Returnable Crates

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