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Avalon Plastics offers Reverse Engineering from concept through to production

Avalon Plastics provides an end-to-end solution working with customers to reverse-engineer products. Our process allows us to take data from an existing product to design and make tooling in-house and then mould the finished products. Our digital workflow ensures integrity of data from first to last process. All work is undertaken at Avalon UK headquarters to ISO9001.

Reverse engineering can be used to solve legacy problems allowing the detail of an existing product to be captured, understood, and remade. In the absence of full detailed design information on a product we can take an object and regenerate the full digital 3D CAD data. These digital models help to unveil design intent and inform the creation of a reverse-engineered component. The digital model also allows failure analysis, looking for possible areas of weakness or vulnerability in the product which can be mitigated or eliminated.

Modern manufacturing processes and software allow re-engineering of a product once the 3D scan is generated. This means features can be modified providing functionality to add value to the new product. The Scanned product can also be refined to open alternative manufacturing routes and material choices.

A downstream benefit of reverse engineering includes capturing the detailed dimensions and tolerances used to inspect and quality control production parts.

Avalon Plastics offers reverse engineering, supporting our Customer through the process, informing choices through each stage of the process. We have case studies demonstrating what can be achieved to add value, quality, and functionality.

Contact Ewan Hyde for further information

Avalon's Reverse Engineering digital workflow process steps

  • Accurate digital measurement of an existing component or assembly

  • Processing scanned data to generate 3D model

  • Design of tooling

  • Manufacture Tooling

  • Contract moulding

  • Inspection & Quality control

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